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The Blobaa project aims to provide authentication mechanisms on top of a decentralized, neutral and highly available infrastructure -> A blockchain. It uses the Ardor blockchain to achieve these goals.


The blobaa project contains the following two concepts:

BBA DID Method

The bba DID method is an implementation of a decentralized identifier and listed within the official DID method registry. A DID is one of the two key technologies of the self-sovereign identity model.

For further information please have a look at the bba DID method repository.

Attestation Protocol

The Attestation Protocol allows the creation of PKI-like systems in which chains of trust (so-called trust chains) can be build and managed via blockchain addresses.

A second module, the Claim module, can be used to create verifiable claims for claim-based authentication.

Use Cases

Various use case are conceivable:

  • An identity system for self-sovereign identity could be build, in which an entity is able to decide what data it wants to share with whom.

  • An additional security factor for website authentication could be developed where a trusted entity serves a website, sings the domain through the attestation protocol, and displays it on that site. A website user could then compare the authenticated domain with the website's domain. If they match, one can be sure to visit the official website.

  • A login system, similar to Facebook or Google Login could be developed, where an entity can easily login without revealing its private data and relying on a centralized infrastructure.

  • An entity could spawn its own (offchain) chains of trust with the attested blockchain address as trust anchor. This leads to a system where even the trust anchor can be verified and validated. (IoT)


There is a Demonstrator available to show the Blobaa project in action. Have a look and play around :)

You can find technical documentations within the Documentation page.

There is a reference implementation of the Attestation Protocol and Claim Module within the Blobaa GitHub organization.

Website Authentication

You can check the authenticity of this website by scanning the QR code with the Blobaa App

Or use the
Caution: Only for demonstration purpose


If you like the project, have questions or improvement, found a bug or just want to say hello:

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